King’s Stella Classic Series
An aromatic mix of flower fragrances specially selected for their powers
to eradicate germs in the atmosphere and leave everything smelling
really fresh. 12 classic fragrance: jasmine, king’s nina, eau de cologne,
lavender, channel, joy, madame, rochas, charie, rose, st.lorenz, brut,
cool menthol

King’s Stella Neo-Fresh
An original combination of fruit and flora scents that creates a delightful
atmosphere anywhere. 4 classic fragrance: orange, lemon, rose,
bubble gum

King’s Stella Gel Freshener
A rang of long-lasting air fresheners that banish all kinds of unwelcome
smells and replace them with a lingering scent of your choice. 4 classic
fragrance: orange, lemon, rose, bubble gum

King’s Stella “Freshy Bear”
The return of the famous Freshy Bear. Now, in the form of fragrant gel!
With the cap off, the ever lasting finest fragrant will overwhelm your
atmosphere in any rooms or in the car without worrying about any
harmful chemicals. With a peerless design and the great smell,
let’s not forget our brother Freshy Bear Spray. Use both everywhere
to get the ultimate freshness and odor eliminator.

King’s Stella Mini Fresh
A special formula of all-natural extracts in a clear, seaweed based gel
form that pervades the air with a really long-lasting and above all
hygienic fragrance. 4 classic fragrance : orange, lemon, rose, lilac

King’s Stella Fresh and Fun
A new type of see-through scented gel specially formulated from sea
mulberries to emit a unique fragrance that’s as playful as it is fresh.
4 classic fragrance: orange, lemon, rose, lilac

King’s Stella Phone Fresh
The ultimate telephone odors killer and clenser. This fragrant new
formula kills germs, bacteria and fungus and makes every call
a genuine pleasure. 6 classic fragrance: orange, lemon, rose, fashion
fruity, lily, lavender

King’s Stella Glass Cleaner
Glass care product that make every windows in the house beautifully
clean and clear and provides long-lasting protection. King’s Stella
glass cleaner is equally good on windows and other surfaces such as
chromium, stainless steel and ceramics, leaving them totally clean.
Comes in different formulas to suit your every need.